That’s right! You get to see the quality of the service before you spend a dime! *You will love the ultra deep clean with the Rotovac. When I’m done, you will love what you see!!  But folks, wait a minute! I’m not stopping there! If you take advantage of this offer now, your next cleaning is on me! That’s right, absolutely free!! It’s called my Teflon guarantee package. Get the details on this amazing, limited time offer!! Call us at 623 760-4537 now to get your appointment, but hurry! My phone is literally ringing off the hook!” This is truly a “SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY,” and here is why:  I am IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration), 22 years’ experience, and when you hire my company, you get the owner/boss on the job! I guarantee that nobody in the world cares more about the outcome and quality of your carpet cleaning experience than me! 

     Now here is why this is truly a LIMITED TIME OFFER………..I am in the process of developing a client base that I can service with a personal touch, and devote 100% of my time and effort to. Once I’ve reached that number, then that’s it, no more lucky people get to be a client of mine. Call us at 623 760-4537 now for an appointment! You see, this way my clients’ get 100% of my attention. I’m never in a rush to get the job done, cut corners etc. The only thing on my mind will be giving you the best service you have ever had! I like the fact that I am on a first name basis with my clients, and am familiar with their families, pets, and all the issues that are specific to their homes, floors, and individual situations. This knowledge allows me to do the best possible job for you. You see, my clients here in the Phoenix valley never have to go through the stressful process of having to meet and re-train a new person every single time they have their carpets, tile and grout, or upholstery cleaned, and once you become a client of mine, neither will you! I want to be… ”your carpet guy.” Whenever you need spots, traffic areas, or the whole house deep-cleaned with a super-fast dry time, you won’t ever again have to be stressed out by searching through hundreds of the same ads again about cheap job, cheap price, and of course all the “bait n switch” companies.

      And here is my promise to you: I will never lie to you. I will always tell you exactly what it will take to make your flooring, whether it be tile, wood, or carpet perfect. I will never charge you for things you don’t need. And, most of all, with the kind of superior service I give, you will be very surprised at my extremely low pricing! So call me now to take advantage of this awesome offer!!

Call us at 623 760-4537 

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